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The Dallas offense is predicated authentic jordan 11 Legend Blue on pick-and-rolls with big men Tyson Chandler and Brandon Wright attacking the rim, while playing both through and off of Nowitzki. Carlisle also has found ways to accommodate the volume shooting and scoring of Monta Ellis, cheap order Legend Blue 11s the late-game hero of the back-to-back victories over the Bulls and the Bucks. Ellis launched 61 field-goal attempts in 71 minutes to score his 61 points in the two games -- but hey, he did score 61 points.

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Kidd, deep in his career, order jordan 11 Legend Blue manned for about four seasons the spot now filled by a fleet. He knows how vital Nowitzki is to making it all work, regardless of Legend Blue 11s online the point guard's pedigree.

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"Being able to use Dirk," Kidd said. jordan 11 Legend Blue online "He causes a lot of problems. I don't care how young he is. He causes problems, he spreads the floor. ... You've got [veterans such as] Felton, you've got Jameer, you've got Harris who has played with him now twice, so they understand Legend Blue 11s 2014 that he causes a problem. Again, not just [the point guards] driving the ball but shooting a lot of wide open shots, because at his age, he can still get double-teamed."

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